Ibadan residents share views on Oyinlola's declaration for APC


Oyinlola and APC leadersI was actually surprised that Osun state former governor, Olagunsoye Oyinlola just officially declared for APC because several months ago, we were on the same flight from Abuja to Ibadan and he boarded the aircraft with several high-ranking officers of the APC.

But trust politicians to always save their secret weapon till when it is best needed. I asked few buddies in Ibadan on what they think of Oyinlola’s declaration for APC and what it could mean for Oyo state.

“Love him or hate him,Oyinlola is still relevant in today’s politics. His lost would be a great blow to the PDP in the southwest but we can’t say yet if he would be an asset or liability to APC. Only time will tell,” Dapo said.

John added: “I’m sure they would have tested him before officially admitting him into the party. APC needs such strong personalities to put up a good fight with the presidency-backed candidate in Osun state and other states.”

Ibukun on the other hand believes Oyinlola may be on recon duty for the PDP.

“If I’m Tinubu or Aregbesola, I won’t commit much in Oyinlola’s hands for now because he may be a double agent working secretly for the ruling party. Just last week, he was still calling himself a chieftain of the PDP. All of a sudden, he declared for the APC.Something is fishy,” Ibukun said.

Joke believes the acceptance of Oyinlola suggests the opposition party is not entirely different from the PDP.

“APC is fast becoming a party for aggrieved members of the PDP. Nigerians don’t want that, all they want is a better option to the PDP,” she said.


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