Ibadan takes L for Viva Cinema’s power failure


3 power outages during a movie at Viva Cinema got Ibadan a major L on Twitter

While scanning the social media sphere for what people are talking about in Ibadan, my attention was drawn to a development at the Viva Cinema located at the Palm’s Shopping Mall Ring Road in the heart of Ibadan.

According to @missphrankie, while watching a movie at the cinema, power outage occurred three tines.

“My Ibadan people, wyd,” she asked.

So I replied to get more information about the development. I asked whether the cinema apologised and compensated them for the outages.

“If I hear,” was her response.

When I said I will amplify her complaint, she was willing to provide her account details.

On a serious note though, I understand power outages are our identity in this country but I rarely experience it at cinemas even in Ibadan. There is something called UPS for that purpose. 
The outages weren’t even my major concern but the fact that no one apologised nor attempted to at least make the customers feel respected was the appalling aspect. 

Ibadan cinema goers complain a lot about Viva Cinema and I often pass this across to the management. The last time I spoke to the manager, he said they are making efforts to address the various issues raised. However, concerns about customer service continue to rank high on the list of complaints.

This particular issue got my attention because of the association of what happened at the cinema with Ibadan identity. The Ibadan brand should be protected, improved and enhanced BG everyone – private and public.


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