Ibadan's cheapest cinema is opening on Boxing Day


Imagine watching the latest movies for just N200. Impossible? I said so too but it’s going to be happening in Ibadan from Boxing Day Saturday December 26 at CInemanjaro Viewing Center.

Whether it is Filmhouse, Viva Cinema, or Silverbird, the movie tickets range from N500 to N2000, not to talk of the expensive popcorns and hot-dog, forcing many guys to think twice, thrice or more before taking any of those Sharwama girls to cinema on a date.

I remember the days of 30-in-one DVDs for N200. Those were the fun days but we all asked for cinemas and they are here, so we are going to suck up, shut up and just pay through our nostrils to enjoy something we can download for free online. But I was happy when I heard about Cinemanjaro which is the best attempt yet in Ibadan to make it possible for everyone to watch movies.

“One old statistics say Nigerians live on one dollar a day. So if the statistics is true. We will have to save all our money for a whole week to watch just one movie. Cinema’s don’t have to be that expensive,” said Balogun Danjuma, the brain behind Cinemanjaro.

In an exclusive chat with IBPulse, Danjuma said cinemas such as Filmhouse and Viva are expensive to go to because of the high costs incurred during the construction of the state-of-the-art cinemas thus low income earners and students who don’t have much money on them cannot watch the latest movies.

” I felt why can’t cinema’s just be like the normal football viewing center? Cinemanjaro is a low cost community centered cinema. Why should somebody living at Lalupon be going to Dugbe or ring road to watch a movie?” Danjuma asked.

The goal is to open Cinemanjaro centers across the city of Ibadan although the first outlet will be opening on Boxing Day.

“Our first outlet for this festive period is the Cinemanjaro Hall, TuushVille event hall, Samsung building, close to FoodCo, Onibuore,  Ibadan. We are basically showing for 4 days this festive period. 26, 28, 30 of December and 2nd of January.”

I’m interested in this new innovation, how the people will respond and how the big cinemas will handle this new venture. Personally, I know there is the need for something like Cinemanjaro and the market is big enough for everyone to flourish.

There will be three shows daily – 11am, 2pm and 5pm. Gate fee once again is N200. Can you believe that? Check out the movies schedule below.



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