IITA's Cassava Weed Management Project targets 125,000 farm families


In order to reach the 125,000 farm families target, IITA’s Cassava Weed Management Project has launched its Facebook and Twitter accounts as part of the vision to create visibility for the project.

In a statement made available to IBPulse.com, IITA said early “likers” of the Facebook account after it was announced included Dr Kenton Dashiell, Deputy Director General (partnerships & Capacity Development), and several other scientists and partners.

It revealed the creation of the accounts will serve as a knowledge sharing and engagement platform for people who are interested in cassava weed management best practices as well as those that share in the vision of the project.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts are basically ongoing project as they will be revised and updated as new social media platforms emerge, best practices evolve, and new concerns arise as well.

The Cassava Weed Management Project otherwise known as Sustainable Weed Management Technologies is a 5-year project that is assessing sustainable weed management technologies for cassava-based farming systems in Nigeria. The project is seeking to find solutions to labor-intensive weeding usually performed by women and children and to increase cassava productivity in Nigeria.

“These channels will help us capture young women and men who go into agriculture but in most cases are discouraged by weeds,” said Dr Alfred Dixon, Project Leader, Cassava Weed Management Project.

It is envisaged that a two-step flow of information will ensue where young women and men will pass on the information to other members of the community.

Godwin Atser, Communication & Knowledge Exchange Expert, said the team was excited with the development.

“With this, we are optimistic about sharing knowledge to more than 125,000 farm families and beyond,” he added.

He encouraged partners to share the social media accounts to friends and other colleagues.

The Facebook page can be found here, while the twitter handle is: @Cassavaweedmgt


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