In Ibadan, President Jonathan addresses Baga killings, corruption, education and opposition


Nigeria’s president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan brought his campaign train to Ibadan earlier today and he reportedly said his government has spent more than NGN10 billion as intervention fund to improve tertiary education in Oyo state.

Furthermore, the president slammed the opposition party. According to him, PDP is the highest shareholder in APC considering the fact that most members of the opposition party used to members of the PDP.

He also described the southwest region of Nigeria as the part of the country that encouraged him to organize the National Dialogue. He announced the completion of the narrow gauge train from Lagos to Ibadan to Kano.

“We are encouraging young graduates to go into farming and be the future millionaires and billionaires,” said Jonathan. He added that office of the first lady is not spending money from government’s purse.

He took a swipe at the major opposition party who announced he will send corrupt government officials to jail.

“Sending corrupt politicians to prison is not an ideal solution to corruption. I will not build prisons for you, I will build schools for you. We are planning to fight corruption with modern technology, I don’t need to tell you now, you will know about it later,” President Jonathan said.

For the first time, the president also spoke on the Baga Massacre. According to him, he has directed the National Security Adviser (NSA) to give a report to Nigerians.

I’ve given the NSA an order that he must give a comprehensive report to Nigerians,” the president.

“A lot of people are coming to deceive you that they will do things they had opportunity to do that they never did. I believe in you, I love you. We will work hard to improve the quality of our lives,” Jonathan said in Ibadan.


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