Incident-reporting platform launched for voters in Oyo state


As Nigerians go to polling stations on Saturday to participate in the presidential elections, a platform that allows citizens in and around Oyo state to report what is happening in their area to a global audience has been launched. It is

The highly responsive platform is a mobile web app that works on all operating systems including iOS, Android, Java and others.

Developed by, the platform is meant to empower voters in and around the state to get actively involved in the electioneering process in the state.

To report a situation, simply visit and click submit report. Theh report could be submitted anonymously which means your identity could be protected.

If you want to send a picture, you can simply send it via email to

The platform is non-partisan and everyone that belong and support any of the candidates can make use of the platform to easily give a report of what is happening in their area, especially at the polling stations.


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