#IYD2015: Youths in Ibadan urged to embrace volunteering


#IYD2015: Youths in Ibadan urged to embrace volunteering

Yesterday, at an event held to commemorate the International Youth Day 2015, youth in the city of Ibadan were urged by various speakers to actively and aggressively seek volunteering opportunities.

Over the years, I’m come to realize that volunteering is unpopular in Nigeria considering the fact that everyone, including yours sincerely, seems to be more interested in well paying opportunities which isn’t a bad thing. But the non-availability of numerous paying opportunities could – and should be an eye-opener to volunteering opportunities.

Working with corporate organizations in Ibadan made me realize that they will be reluctant to pay, but will be more than willing to give you everything that you need if you say you will work for free. Interestingly, volunteering is a good way to get working experience and to know more people who will be more than willing to give you recommendations and information on availability of paying positions.

It is really sad that even youth corps members who are expected to be serving the country are reluctant to join any noble cause that will not bring money. Even fresh graduates that are not working anywhere will rather roam the streets than find a volunteering work to do – even though there are so many opportunities around them.

You can choose from any of the innumerable causes below.

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