Jericho Mall Ibadan aims to offer whole family entertainment


Jericho Mall Ibadan aims to offer whole family entertainment

Even though we have several malls already in Ibadan, another one will be opening later this year, it is the Jericho Mall. Last week I sat down with the mall’s lead sponsor and investor, Makanjuola Ojewumi, and he shed more light on the uniqueness of the mall and the vacuum it is filling.

According to him, the idea of Jericho Mall also had come maybe around the time that the Ring Road mall was already starting and there is one thing he said that tehey are doing that has not been put in place so far by the other malls.

“If you as a family in Ibadan, you say you want to have an outing to any of the malls, the best you could do is walk on the corridors of the malls and window shop or do actual shopping. Or at best you enter Shoprite and you buy bread. There is nothing that is really going to engage you in terms of entertainment or in terms of interest,” he said.

According to him, window-shopping can get boring after a while, just going to Shoprite to buy a few basics can also get boring after a while. Plus, everyday is not for films and not every child can enjoy the kinds of films that are shown in the film houses.

“What is peculiar about the Jericho Mall is that we have a whole floor that we call whole family entertainment and in there we have several offerings – world class indoor games and rides like you’ve never seen before in the entirety of Nigeria,” he told IBPulse.

“We are looking forward to a situation where families will see that on weekends they can actually go out and have fun and enjoy the kind of entertainment that is not offered anywhere else in this city.

“I’ve not seen elderly people go to an arcade in this city and really love the timeout. Some don’t even prepare for the elderly coming. There is really nothing that  engages the adult person at the existing malls except bowling. A 70-year old person will find something to do in Jericho Mall when we are fully done. We want to have every age bracket inclusive in our house.”

He told me that there would be at least 4 or 5 restaurants at the mall, providing various tastes.

“The design of the mall is so interesting. Unlike any other mall in the city, you can be anywhere you want to be and still have your exclusivity. That’s one thing I don’t like in the other malls – anywhere you are, you are visible to others in the mall.  In the Jericho Mall you can be in your own space and be alone. You don’t even know what is happening anywhere else until you get back to the corridor,” he said.

The mall is a mall of 4 floors. The architecture is so interesting – sometimes you think it is on 2 floors, it appears as 3 floors sometimes but it is actually 4 floors.

“Centrality is another great feature  of Jericho Mall. It is easy to dash from Bodija to Jericho Mall but it might not be easy to dash from Bodija to Ring Road. At its current stage, the companies that want to use the mall can now come in and ask for specific finishing. They can do this because we are at the finishing stage,” Ojewumi told IBPulse.


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