Joy and disappointments at audition for Nigerian Idol in Ibadan


The month of January ended on a high note for lucky ladies and guys that participated at the audition for musically talented individuals in Ibadan at the audition for Nigerian Idol Season V held at Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center which I wrote about here.

Thousands of aspiring musicians came from both far and near attended the event. As early as 8am, large crowd had already besieged the venue while around 6pm when I left the location, there were hundreds of ladies and gentlemen that were still hoping to get auditioned even though the stage was already being dismantled.

Among those that couldn’t audition, frustration was written on their faces while some of  those that got ‘No’ from the judges looked disappointed while several others had already picked up the pieces and were already planning their next steps.

As I sat at the back of the hall overlooking the unlucky ones that couldn’t audition, one of them, a guy, brought a guitar and started to play a very nice tune. When he got to the second stanza, two ladies joined, another guy added his voice. They sang beautifully.

On my way home, I began to ask myself whether I will ever hear the guy’s voice again, will he back next time, will he go on another stage, or will he just continue to make people around him happy with his music? Whatever he decides, I know he will not have problems getting over disappointments or winning the hearts of ladies because in both instances, his raw talent is good enough.

But he deserved a shot at fame.

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