Kakanfo Inn berths Casino in Ibadan


The management of Kakanfo Inn in Ibadan has become the first establishment to offer casino services in Ibadan with the opening of Kakanfo Casino.

In a chat with Nigerian Tribune, Oscar Oforijima, manager of Kakanfo Casino, said the decision to bring casino to Ibadan was born of the company’s quest to contribute to the city’s entertainment sector.
“Our decision is out of our enthusiasm to add flavour as well as contribute to the development of entertainment and night life in the city of Ibadan and its environs. It is one of the mature games that commands intelligent and class which has been the favourite of mature minds over the years,” he said.
According to him, the time is right for Ibadan to have its first casino.
He said: “We felt it was high time for us to bring it into the city of Ibadan.”
“Having made a research to find a suitable location to run the game; the management eventually got in contact with one of the best hospitality service providers in the city, Kakanfo Inn known with its recreational outfits. 
“The agreement to start the gaming floor at Kakanfo Inn was meant to add quality to night life in Ibadan and its environs. The unique  game is one of the special features of every big hotels around the world and Kakanfo Inn of all hotels in the city of Ibadan has acquired the features.”
Though in its early days, he said the casino is well equipped with latest equipments.
“The casino is still young, but we have quality equipment to satisfy the players. We have a lot in stock for our patrons. We are positive that more people will know about its existence and come in to play,” he said.

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