KFC closes store at Cocoa Mall, Dugbe Ibadan


IMG_20140801_164552Following several failed attempts to make the outlet attract visitors to Cocoa Mall and Heritage Mall in Ibadan, the management of KFC has decided to close its outlet at the mall.

In a notice pasted on the security gate of the outlet, it said technical issues were responsible for the closure and urged customers to visit its outlets at Ring Road and Bodija.

KFC said: “Please be informed of our store closure due to some technical issues. Kindly visit our KFC Stores on Ring Road and Bodija to continue enjoying our Fingerlickin Meals.”

Even though the closed store was located right at the nexus of both malls, it wasn’t attracting visitors largely because of its arrangement since other similar stores that weren’t as popular as KFC were enjoying good patronage.

One of the factors responsible for the failure of the store was the management’s over-reliance on the brand to sell itself. They didn’t do much publicity apart from the LCD displays in the store. Other stores such as Soups & Sauces, when they started were avidly pursuing customers with flyers and great customer service. Even though KFC gave an impressive customer service, they didn’t do anything that was beyond the place where they took and delivered orders.

Another wrong move of the management of the closed KFC outlet was its decision not to allow customers to sit in the store, instead they were expected to buy their meals and go, or at most, sit outside. It doesn’t work like that. People come to the mall for relaxation, if KFC had considered making the mall’s outlet a small version of the one at Ring Road,it would have been very successful.

It was difficult to know the store would eventually be closed considering the reactions on the faces of the staff and the few numbers of customers they were having. But instead of just closing the store summarily, the management should have explored several strategies – like partnering with the cinema, modifying its structure to give visitors privacy when they come to eat and do publicity drives like using IBPulse.com and other platforms to get the word out.


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