Last night at KFC Bodija



Last night, I was at KFC Bodija for obvious reasons. While enjoying my meal, I noticed something unusual was going on at the next table.

A guy came in with two ladies – he was trying to woo one while the other was the friend of the girl that has caught his attention. The girls ordered Streetwise 2 which goes for N850 and soda (what we popular soft drinks) which cost N200 apiece. Which meant my guy had to part with N2,100.

I guess my guy didn’t know the cost offhand and he wasn’t with enough funds to get the meal for everybody so he just bought for the girls and just sat there obviously hungry but too cool to ask them for some chips and a chicken.

Trust the girls, they finished the meal.

I just sat there wondering why guys do such, acting childishly while attempting to look sophisticated. He had several options but decided to take the most stupid one.

One option was to have come earlier to inquire about the cost before bringing the girls over. Second option was to have bought a mini pack for everybody which he could buy for less than N2,000 – drinks inclusive. Another option is to put the two meals he bought in a plate so that the three of them could share.

I just remembered a fourth option which is ask each girl for a chicken part. That way, he would get two instead of one.

I know a lot of guys think taking girls to big restaurants would seal the deal easily. For some hungry girls, that could be true. But for most girls, I think it’s all about your attitude. If you can publicly share a plate with your girl in public, she would love it than you swearing in your mind and salivating while she eats all the crusts and crumbles.

From the look on the face of the guy he knew he messed up but didn’t understand what he did wrong. He felt he could have brought more money. For me, I believe he had more than enough money on him, he was just immature to know how he could have maximised his funds.

I wanted to call him aside to give him some tips but I changed my mind after I realised it was none of my business.


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