Let the Kano riot continue!

Yesterday, I was in Ibadan. Around the foot of the 25-storey cocoa house building in Dugbe Area, vendors of newspaper have their joints with the usual flood of people cutting across all ages, social statuses, educational qualifications etc. 

At such joints, you will always find retirees, cab drivers, Okada riders etc. Some come to read or buy the Yoruba newspapers, which are fast becoming equally popular these days in the south western metropolitan cities, just like their English versions.
It is usually interesting to visit such places each time an issue is “hot and boiling” in the country’s political “cooking pot”. It’s just like going to public viewing centres to watch football matches despite having cable TV  at home.

The mish-mash of analyses usually run Free Of Charge (FOC) by the ever-swelling readily available volunteers season up the public viewing experience. Same goes for reading newspapers at vendors’ joints or staying there with the self volunteered “Public analysts”. My Cocoa House visit yesterday was not any different an experience.

The topical issue at all vendors’ stands now is the Kano Emirship of curiosity.

I have seen and read peoples’ opinion, especially those of the Facebook gladiators – mostly youth of course. I had never imagined Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi commanded such an awe, respect, honour, followership and integrity among even the elderly people that usually cluster around newspaper stands more than the rather busier youths that prefer their handheld vendors’ joint on their mobile phones.

From my interaction with those people yesterday, I concluded that the Emergence of Sanusi Lamido as an Emir is a great loss to Nigeria as a country and a glorious gain to Kano as a state.

I got convinced that we just lost a world class personality from Presidential race to a local palace. For those who really know the man Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and what he symbolises intellectually, philosophically, nationally and internationally, his ascension to the Kano throne should rather be mourned than celebrated!

That some segment of Kano rejects Sanusi enthronement could have been a welcome development to me if that could have reversed his appointment as the new Emir, because Sanusi could have been released to Nigeria again and be made available as a potential president of Nigeria.

Alas Kano tradition appear not “undoable” and Sanusi may not be free again from the local assignment he has taken up for the remaining part of his life. That is the reason We that know the substance of Sanusi personality will keep mourning his emergence as Kano emir!

I have always dreamt of a Nigerian President that can stand shoulder to shoulder with world leaders in debate, in negotiation, in wisdom, in knowledge, in exposure, in eloquence, in intellectual argument, in charismatic analysis. A president that will not be caught unawares about how he governs his subjects, how he runs the affairs of the state and why he does whatever he does, academically providing answers to questions, and giving satisfying responses to all manners of queries with regards to his administration as a president.

A president that will stand for hours making speeches without holding a paper and boosting Nigeria’s image in the world’s public places of assessment and that we are giant not only in number but also in quality. These are the picture of Sanusi that majority of Nigerian elites brandish at vendors’ joint around south-western Nigeria at present.

I have ended up convincing my self that truly, Gov. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso played politics with Sanusi emergence! Yes He did because If Sanusi had not been sent on that permanent political asylum in the Emir palace, he would pose a serious threat to the presidential ambition of Kwankwaso and any other Politician of Northern extraction today.

Should Sanusi declare ambition for presidency as a flag bearer of APC, the PDP camp must be thrown into disarray. Jonathan should thank God that Sanusi is out of the race as a potential candidate against him come 2015. 

I remember a man at the Cocoa House vendor’s stand yesterday asserting convincingly that Sanusi will dust Jonathan and all his cabinet together in the battle field of intelligence and exposure.

Sanusi has truly launched the image of Kano Emirate to the international arena. How many of Nigerians knew about such emirate before? How many of us were aware of the influence it wields whether politically or otherwise, what would concern us about how and whom they choose as their emir?

Today, Kano has attracted global attention to that Palace stuck in the heart of the old city of Kano, just because an African Icon ascends the throne despite his recent ordeals from the hands of the powers that be, despite the attempt of the presidency to preempt his glorious enthronement.

Let the Kano youths continue the riots and frustrate Sanusi out if they can, who knows? Their tradition may still be undone and Nigerians may once again get our Sanusi back free and available for us as our pride.
This piece was written by AbdulAzeez Debimpe

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