Monday morning at Oyo State Government Secretariat



“Mummy Dare how was your weekend? Thanks for attending my uncle’s wife’s elder sister’s second daughter’s wedding. You and other that came on Saturday really honored me. God bless you so much.”

Ore mi party yen gaju. How many cows did your uncle kill? The man get money o.”

“Yes o. Did you see the jewelries his wife put on? They were from Dubai. The woman just dey enjoy. I envy him o”

“Na so jare. Before I forget, where is our gift? We can’t buy clothes for your party and not get our gifts. You sef won’t forgive anybody that tries that with you.”

“You no trust me? They are here. Check the nylon under my table. You should only take one so it can go round.”

“Washere ore mi. As your padi let me take two na. Iya Titi! Mrs Adejumo! Iya Ibeji! Alfa! Salewa! Daddy Dayo! Mummy Ibukun! Pastor Wale! oya come to perm sec’s office to collect your gifts before they finish o.”



“I heard the governor will pay one of the salaries he is owing us this week. Is it true?”

“I heard it too but when I called my informant at the governor’s office, she said they are still preparing the voucher and the governor has not yet return to sign.”

“But I heard those that use Skye Bank are already receiving alert. All my friends at estab have already been paid.”

“Wo o, awon ni won mon jare. I won’t give myself hypertension because the governor is yet to pay. Look at Mr Salako, the man at the office of the secretary to the deputy special assistant to the commissioner for works. I heard he just collapsed and died on his way home from office on Wednesday.”

“Eh yah. And that man is nice o. People go to his office frequently to listen to Tifun Tedo.”

“This one that we never receive October salary, we shouldn’t be talking of leave bonus ni yen o.”

“Leave bonus ke. Thank God for cooperative.”



“Ore, do you know where I can get correct garri Ijebu? Garri to gbe, to tun we.”

“I bought the one we are eating at home from Mummy Ibukun. And it is very fine. It is very good for eba. It is very fine, just like elubo lafun.”

“I don’t like that woman jare. Did you hear she snatched her current husband from her childhood friend? Who knows what he gave the man to eat. I don’t want to bring trouble into my home with garri. Let me just go to Salewa. I only need three cups and I will pay at the end of the month.”

“You dey fear o. nothing fit do you. Maberu. Once you’ve prayed and read Psalms, no weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

“That one is not in the book of Psalms o.”

“Iwolomo. Just try and attend the forthcoming Iso Oru Apedahun that will holding on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Let me go and bring a flyer for you.”


“Do you know if the Perm Sec is coming today?”

“I don’t know but it seems as if his girlfriend is still around. You wan commot?”

“Beeni. I want to go to the bank, then to Oje market after which I will quickly go to Ogunpa to buy some things that your daughter will take to school since they’ve asked them to resume today. I also have to cook something fun awon daddy wa.”

“But there is a man waiting for you. He said he wants to obtain that form we were told to start selling.”

“I don’t think I can wait o. Delay him till past 2, then ask him to go and pay at the Keystone Bank Ogunpa. If he returns before 3, tell him the form requires that he should his tax clearance for January 2016. If he says he doesn’t have, tell him to come the next day to see the perm sec.”

“You are bad o.”

“I cannot come and kill myself because of government work when my father’s name is not Ajimobi. Ajimobi sef is not killing myself. Ore, we will see tomorrow jare. Greet your husband for me and your children. We will see tomorrow.”


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