More companies moving out of Heritage and Cocoa Malls Dugbe Ibadan


20140811_175431Last week, we exclusively reported that KFC had moved out of Cocoa Mall, Dugbe Ibadan as a result of what the company described as technical issues. However, has exclusively gathered that more companies had moved out and several others are also planning to leave the multi-billion naira mall.

The latest popular occupant to leave Heritage Mall is SLOT, the popular store that sells phones and other ICT gadgets. Even though the company still has several months left on its tenancy payment, a rep of the company who spoke to on condition of anonymity said they decided to leave everything and move out of the mall.

“We’ve left it for them,” he said.

According to him, the decision to leave the mall was reached following its inability to meet its set targets.

“We were not meeting our targets at the mall even though the place is so expensive,” he said.

Going round the mall, it became evident that several other companies in various genres have left or planning to leave. DLA Toys at Shop C 28 at Cocoa Mall has already left while the owner of the shop that was very close to the Samsung outlet at the shop didn’t stay long before moving out. also gathered that about 70% of current occupants of the mall may be moving out if something drastic is not done or the exorbitant fees are not reduced by the management of the mall.


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