Mount Zion set to launch Africa's first 24-hr Christian movie channel


Mount Zion set to launch Africa’s first 24-hr Christian movie channel

Mike Bamiloye, President of Nigeria’s most popular Christian drama ministry, the Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, has announced the launch of Africa’s first 24/7 Christian drama channel.

Bamiloye made the announcement via a post on his Facebook account.

“This is what the lord god almighty has done for Nigerian drama and film production ministers. Africa’s first gospel movie TV channel. We shall raise up the flag of the Lord Jesus in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa and throughout the world. The fire has begun to burn from Nigeria and it shall extend to the whole world,” he said.

He said the inspiration to launch the channel was received in Ibadan at the Jogor Center on March 11th at the Drama Ministers Power Night.

According to him, Nigeria has the largest producers of Gospel movies in the world and he said they are ready to flood the world with the Word of God in movies and drama.

He said: “The secular movie producers have taught people the wrong way to dress, they have taught the people the wrong message on married, they have showed people how to consult the shrines and take instructions from the forces of evil they have misled and misdirected the people to put their hope in the idolatrous gods of their forefathers.

“Now the lord has brought forth his own alternative.

“We shall arise and raise the flag of righteousness in the movie industry.”

Initial comments on MZTV launch has been positive so far. Someone posted on Nairaland that it was long overdue.

“For God’s sake it’s been a desire of every home to have something everybody can watch without having to fast-foward half of the movie because of inappropriate language or scenes,” the person said.

IBPulse gathered that Mount Zion TV (MZTV) will kick off on May 1st on CONSAT.

Will you be watching?


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