Movie Review: 2 Guns


For weeks I waited for the screening of 2 Guns at my favorite cinema in Ibadan. Even from the title of the movie coupled with the lead actors and movie trailers, it wasn’t hard to know that 2 Guns would be quite unique in the genre of crime films.

Written by American TV writer Blake Masters and directed by Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur, the movie is a demonstration of their passion for Hollywood crime movies.
2 Guns brings together versions of Murtaugh and Riggs, the cool, cautious black cop and the reckless, wisecracking white cop from the Lethal Weapon franchise, and the ingenious plot of Don Siegel’s Charley Varrick.
In 2 Guns, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg play undercover cops – their roles concealed from each other – who plan a complicated heist at a bank in South East Texas to entrap a Mexican drugs boss.
Washington and Wahlberg react to bullets and beatings with wisecracks, making their way through a complicated plot like Theseus through the labyrinth, and actually confront a minotaur in the form of an angry bull unleashed on them by their Mexican enemy. 
America’s public agencies come very badly out of this slick thriller. Both Washington and Wahlberg are in sparkling form, and the truly nasty villains (Bill Paxton, James Marsden, Edward James Olmos) relish their work.
I enjoyed the movie and I can’t wait to have it on my PC to watch with my girlfriend in my private screening room next time she comes around.

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