MTN I say I no want caller tunes, na by force?


MTN battleFor several days now I’ve found myself in a not-that-funny battle with MTN Nigeria over the network’s decision to activate its Callertunez service on my line.

I didn’t pay much attention to the first Callertunez service subscription message until  someone challenged me for making Fuji music my call tune. My attention was drawn to the message I got from MTN.

I asked friends how I would unsubscribe and I was told to just send Cancel to 4100. I did that and eaved a sigh of relief when I was told I’d been unsubscribed from the service. I was dumbfounded when in the morning I saw a message congratulating me for activating the service.

Since then it’s been a fierce battle and a futile effort to permanently turn off the Callertunez service.

Normally, I would have ignored the fight and allow the service to be activated – at best I would just change the caller tune but it’s my telephone line and I should be the one to decide whether I want caller tunes or not.

So, yesterday, I called the 180 customer care service and had a very annoying conversation with one of the network’s customer care agents who accused me of activating the service. She said the service would be deactivated once I send the CANCEL instruction. I did that, and the service was stopped. Few hours later however, I was congratulated for activating the service.

I thought I was the only one until I started writing this post and my dad also complained about the situation. Imagine what they did to him – anytime you call him, you would be Shina Peters set as the caller tune.

He’s so angry with the network, the story is the same for several other subscribers.

Did the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) approve the caller-tune-by-fire-by-force attitude of MTN? I had Glo is also doing the same.

I will not bulge nor yield to the network’s greedy demands; instead, I will stop loading recharge card on the line. We should all do that. If they don’t make money from us, they will come to their senses.

NCC should rise to the occasion and fight for the telecoms subscribers in Nigeria. They won’t stop sending us unsolicited messages now they are subscribing to services on our  behalf. Who knows what they have in stock next – making calls on our behalf?


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