My experience at Jade's Cuisine Mokola, Ibadan


I can’t vividly recollect the first time that I saw Jade’s Cuisine but what I can say is that it took me several weeks of passing by and heading to other restaurants as far away as Dugbe before finally deciding to try out the restaurant. One of the reasons why I wasn’t initially comfortable with going in, is its location which is very open – no fence just an easy-to-locate painted building with a security man at its basement. But on the last day of 2015, I finally decided to take the bold step to walk up to the building, greet the security man, and climbed the stairs to the floor where the restaurant occupies.

I always believe that the best time to catch restaurants off guard is to visit in the morning. At that time, they are tempted to sell to you leftovers from yesterday and you can have a firsthand experience of the worst customer experience you can have anywhere. One staff at a major restaurant in Ibadan once asked me why I came to the restaurant that early (around 10am). Some of them believe only the jobless ones go to restaurants in the morning. Back to Jade’s Cuisine.

So we finally chose our seats somewhere equidistant from the window and workers on duty. After much deliberations and consultations, we decided to play it safe with our orders so we went for a plate of jollof rice. We planned to share a plate just in case they failed to live up to the standard we were familiar with. But after a couple of spoons, my date decided to order her own plate of jollof rice. In other words, we kinda liked the meal suggesting that they can cook at the restaurant. But I can’t say of other delicacies since I only took jollof rice.

I’ve been to much bigger and better restaurants in Ibadan but it doesn’t take anything away from the quality of their services at Jade’s Cuisine since they have the essential features of a good restaurant in addition to a very large space. You can change your seat as much as you can. They are also very hygienic considering the fact that the tables had been cleaned even as early as I visited. Furthermore, their toilets are of satisfactory standard. I actually spent time checking out the traffic figures on in the toilet after urinating which means that those with interesting fantasies may live such at the rest room of Jade’s Cuisine.


This isn’t a sponsored post so I’m free to say my mind and I actually spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what to say negatively about the restaurant, something they can improve upon so that Ibadan people can enjoy best services at the restaurant.

The first thing that came to my mind was the need to diversify their menu. There are so many popular cool meals from other parts of the country that the restaurant can add to their menu. This is an area where Soup & Sauces at Bodija is making more sense.

I also noticed that if you are buying ‘swallow’ such as Eba, fufu, amala, and others, you have to buy soup separately. This is not the first time I will be seeing this actually, but I still don’t like that arrangement especially as a Yoruba guy that had eaten at restaurants where soup is not separately sold.

Some of their drinks are expensive. I remembered paying N500 for a pack of juice I could get for N230 at Shoprite. But, again, they have to raise money from somewhere to be able to afford the space.

I also noticed that there are no curtains which I believe was intended to allow those that visit the restaurant to enjoy the view. But the bad side is when the sun is shining, you cannot choose some seats. What happens when many customers visit and they are able to fill all the seats, the unlucky ones who are directly under the hot sun may not have the best experience. This is why the operators of the restaurant may have to deploy the kind of curtains they have at Latitude Bar – the type that can be drawn at will.

Jade’s Cuisine is worth trying out and the average that you would spend to have a nice time is about N1,000. I enjoyed my time there and I think you would too. Check out these photos that I took at the restaurant.


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