My thoughts on the viral freaky Ibadan lovers


By now you would have seen their pictures on your timeline. If not, you can check them out below.They are Omolara and Ayomide – 2 crazily in love Ibadan lovers with interesting messages printed on their custom-made February 14 t-shirts.

From what I can gather about them from social media, they are lovers and the viral pictures were taken at The Ventura Mall. The lady wore a t-shirt that had “I love fucking you” printed, while the guy wore one that had “I fucking love you” on his’

The messages on the shirts were gotten from the popular American comedy-love movie called Sextape.

While everyone and anyone can wear anything he or she deems fit, I believe wearing ‘I love fucking you’ irrespective of the gender is not a smart move because of the possible repercussions.

The guy is a youth corps member, may the lady is too. Very soon they will start applying for jobs. What will be the decision of the interviewers if the girl is applying for a public relations position and the company doesn’t want bad publicity?

I pray they end up getting married or who will marry a girl that publicly acknowledges she loves having sex with another guy? What of the pastor that will join them in holy matrimony? Will he go ahead if the pictures are brought to his attention?

But don’t let’s be too harsh on the lovers. They are in love and they want everyone to know they are. She is proud of her man and he is proud of his lady. That’s all that matters. They owe us no explanation for their actions.

We’ve all done crazy – maybe crazier things for love. Although some details are best kept private – your lover’s sexual prowess is one of such.

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