Nigerians spend minimum of 24 minutes during sex – Durex


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Fellow Nigerians, we have been rated as the most sexually satisfied people in the world in a survey of 26 countries conducted maker of the Durex condom brand.

Nigeria is closely followed by Switzerland that stands at number two, while Spain, Italy and Brazil came third, fourth and fifth in that order.

The study, was based on mutual love and respect between partners, freedom from sexual dysfunction, frequency of sex and foreplay and an exciting sex life by citizens.

 The survey also revealed that an average Nigerian spend, at the minimum, 24 minutes during intercourse.

See first 12 in the ranking below

1. Nigeria

2. Switzerland

3. Spain

4. Italy

5. Brazil

6. Greece

7. The Netherlands

8. Mexico

9. India

10. Australia

11. Germany

12. China


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