Nigeria’s entertainment trends 2016


Who said that developing Countries still have to learn from western modern Countries? After all, if western Countries showed the way, this doesn’t mean that developing Countries can’t find their own way.

Nigeria is one of the most important developing Countries in Africa. In this large continent, Nigeria is proud to show the others how to build solid structures for a large Country.

Nigeria : becoming a modern Country

Actually, the Nigerian government is currently busy with education, school system, job market and improvement of political structures.

Education of young students is basic to Nigeria in order to create a new generation of employees and researchers. Today, young Nigerians look at western and, in particular, European Countries as models.

One of the most appealing feature of the European society is the presence of many relevant game companies and a fervent entertainment market. Ladbrokes in the UK is since 1886 one of the main protagonists of the gaming market, possibly the oldest game provide of the history.

It’s not a random case if more Nigerian players of games decide to join Ladbrokes and experience a real Vegas rush with casino games and other important gaming products.

Ladbrokes game selection

The offer at Ladbrokes includes a wider range of classic and modern games, not only casino games but also Vegas styled games and poker. Bingo and sport betting are also two successful platforms of Ladbrokes.

Players who want to enjoy a Ladbrokes game can visit  and easily create their account at Ladbrokes: within a few clicks they can start to access the best games since ever.

In terms of technology, Ladbrokes games are modern, advanced and always updated to the latest variant and new versions of classic games, such as poker games featuring an amazing range of the coolest and most played poker variants.

Working with Ladbrokes

For those players who want to achieve more than just a funny and interesting game activity, Ladbrokes offers the exclusive opportunity to become partners to its great and wining team.

The Ladbrokes affiliate program include benefits and financial advantages for all partners. The first advantage consist in a 3-month promotions with unique revenue sharing: in the 1st month the revenue sharing is of 70%, in the 2nd month it’s of 60% and in the 3rd month it’s of 50%.

And for partners who are so skilled to create a sub affiliate net, Ladbrokes offers the super affiliate promotion, which allows partners to earn 2% directly from their sub affiliates.  

Benefits at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is currently available in 20 languages and it operates in international and regulated markets. All partners can take advantage of lucrative commissions and reliable payments.  

Among the most chosen lucrative commission plans there CPA, Revenue Share and Hybrid commission plans. An extra opportunity to create a customized commission plan is also offered by Ladbrokes’ team, in order to allow anyone to find their best way to earn, offer top high quality products and spread the voice about Ladbrokes.


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