Now you can sit at Palms Mall Ring Road


The non-availability of seats at Palms Mall Ring Road in Ibadan used to be the mall’s major shortcoming with visitors complaining about the failure of the management to make provision for seats within the premises of the mall.

It seems as if they heard us all and they have made seats available in the mall.

If you ride the lift or escalator to the ground floor, you will that there are some seats now around the ‘foyer’ and very close to the restaurants.

Even though the seats are not enough means they are somehow on first-come-first-served basis. Let’s hope more seats appear in various locations in the mall – especially in the shopping area so that guys can sit while ladies go to try on clothes and do makeups.

I took some pics. Check them out below.

IMG_20150417_170217 20150417_165157 20150417_165147


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