OC Ukeje, others to attend #GoneTooFar movie premiere at Filmhouse Samonda


On Thursday January 15, Filmhouse Cinema will be hosting an exclusive premiere of #GoneTooFar, a Nigerian (but shot in UK) movie that features Nollywood superstars including OC Ukeje, Malachi Kirby, Adelayo Adedayo and several others.

Information made available to IBPulse.com revealed the VIP private screening event scheduled to commence at 5:30pm is strictly by invitation. If you’ve not been invited yet, there is still a way for you to attend.

You can win by following Filmhouse Cinema on Facebook and Twitter. I gathered from their Facebook page that entry would close today at 12 noon. Furthermore, tickets could also be won on Beat FM.

The private screening would feature red carpet and cocktail. I’ve been invited and will be live blogging from the venue. I hope I can do some interviews with the casts and crew members.

From what I could gather from the trailer, it is going to be a funny movie with a twist of love in it. It looks like I’m going to enjoy it. If you don’t agree with me, check out the trailer below.


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