Odds against Agodi Garden and Resort


The festive season is over and reality is set to set in and the fate of Agodi Gardens would soon be determined by the difficult-to-convince good people of Ibadan.

The first wrong step the management of the facility took was to go to Lagos and pack the most expensive artists in Nigeria without getting Ibadan-based singers involved in the opening ceremony. Even within the facility, a Lagos-based outfit was in charge of the various games. But today, it has packed its stuffs and the garden is all by itself – at the mercy of we the people of Ibadan.

People are still coming to the garden but listening to their conversations you can conclude they are not impressed with what they are seeing so far because apart from the garden, nothing else is going on.

Yes there is music but other than that, the facility has nothing else to offer – at least for now.

The restaurant is not yet functioning, all you could get for now is a bottle of Coca-cola. I’ve been here twice and in both instances I couldn’t specifically say this is the person that is in charge of the ‘restaurant’ although there are employees everywhere.

While writing this piece on the patio, lovers that sat behind me were complaining about the lack of catering services, the lady expected the facility to have a place where they could buy food. I do too. As far as she is concerned, watching animals at the Zoological Garden of the University of Ibadan is much fun than coming to Agodi Garden.

Whoever is telling the management of Agodi Resort that the place doesn’t need any other stuff is deceiving them. This is Ibadan and people are not merely impressed by beautiful gardens, activities will get more people to show up, better services will keep them coming.

I love the serene atmosphere because of my nature of job but not everyone is a writer or journalist. They want to turntup and have crazy fun. The management should give it to them.

There is no one that came to the restaurant to buy drinks that didn’t complain. With a dry atmosphere and poor services, people will continue to complain and fewer people would be interested in coming back to the place.

They have sensibly reduced the gate fee from NGN1,000 to NGN500 although they still charge NGN1,000 extra if you want to swim. Paying isn’t the problem, getting money’s worth is the real deal. As far as I’m concerned, visitors aren’t getting value for their money yet. This is a huge problem that may force the place to close operations within 6 months.


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