Oyo govt pays June/July salary arrears – Awon alai lojuti gbogbo


Oyo govt announces payment of June/July salaries – these people no dey shame o!

This afternoon, Oyo state government announced that it has paid salary arrears for June and Jul 2016 for its workers. In a message shared by the spokespersons of the state government, they said the gesture is “in the spirit of the season”; the government also restated its commitment to welfare of its workers.


I’ve written exhaustively about how wrong it is for the government to be owing so much salary arrears, imagine workers just receiving their June salary in December. And going by the government’s interest in going to public to news, I’m very sure that people are yet to start receiving credit alerts.

I know Oyo state’s account balance has not been impressive but this should be one of the few things the government should be remorsefully disappointed about instead of bragging about just about to pay June salary in December.

When I read the update, the statement that came to my mind was “Awon people yi o lojuti sha”

It has never been this terrible for the workers and it would definitely be the major talking point that could discredit the APC during the next general election in Oyo state. But, for now, I commensurate with the civil servants. This embarrassment definitely has an expiry date – it’s in 2019


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