Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 – An Overview


Oyo Mega Trade Fair is currently underway at the Lekan Salami Stadium in Adamasingba, Ibadan.

Unlike club shows and parties that enjoy traction on social media, especially Twitter, no one is talking about this exhibition.

IBPulse.com was there on Thursday and caught a glimpse of what is going down at the event that organizers said would have in attendance about 100,000 attendees.

To be honest, with enough publicity, they could have gotten more than the projected number, but those we saw there were not even up to 300.

Out of the 300 attendees we saw there, about 250 would be below the age of 18 years while only few adults were seen there.

The organizers were able to attract popular brands from all sectors including telecommunications, education, beauty, liquor, micro, small and medium-scale enterprises.

A major mistake that was made by the organizers was demanding that attendees pay before entering the venue of the exhibition.

Anyone who does not know his or her way around the stadium may pay.

On the overall, exhibitors that had DJs and live music had most of the attendees while others who had no publicity strategies were seen sleeping off at their tents.

We saw the Grail Message tent which appeared to be the one that didn’t enjoy patronage from both young and old attendees. And those at the tent will attempt to call you if they see that you are looking at them for long.

Ogidiga African liquor’s tent is the best tent, suggesting that the company is making great returns from its teeming customers within and outside Ibadan.

Sabrina also made an appearance in addition to Nigerian Bottling Company.

For those who crave for something to eat, the exhibition ground is dotted with various categories of restaurants.

The exhibition ends on Sunday, so if you have time to spare, we recommend that you attend.



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