Oyo police accused of extorting suspected gays in Ibadan


An interesting incident played out in Ibadan when officers of the Nigerian Police Force reportedly invaded a birthday party they said was a cult initiation event for 21 gays.

During the raid, a total of 21 young men aged below 25 were rounded up following a tip-off.

The Street Journal reported that the guys were arrested even though the police officers had no formal charge against them, but relied on the presence of the condoms with no female present.

Shoro niyen!

They also claimed they received a tip saying the occupants of the room were gay.

The police officers even though they did not have any charge against the guys took all of them into the police station.

This incident got the attention of the Initiative for Equal Rights (TIER) which immediately sprung into action and began to help the young men.

A spokesperson said: ‘At the point of arrest, the young men were physically assaulted and treated in a manner unbecoming of any legal process: they were photographed in their underwear, made to write statements under duress and locked up in an overcrowded cell.’

This is how the case went further as reported by the news source

While the police wished to refuse bail and transfer the case to the state courts, a lawyer from the International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE) managed to allow them to pay for their freedom.

The individuals were given varying bail notices, from 5,000 naira  to 10,000 naira.  The organizer of the party had to pay 21,000 naira .

They did not want to appeal against their treatment in case it would lead them to being outed and branded as gay.

While 11 had family and friends to bail them out, 10 were left in detention. INCRESE provided the fund for the bail, with the 10 then taken to a safehouse.

When all 21 returned to the police station on Thursday, it was alleged the police further extorted more money from each of them before they were allowed to leave.

The TIER spokesperson added: ‘It is obvious that there is a need to create more public awareness and the need for victims to take up cases with solid support of the movement. Without this, cases like this will continue to occur with limited or no option for proper adjudication for justice.’


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