Oyo state can be the agro-industrialization frontier for the southwest – DAWN Commission


The Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) Commission has revealed that Oyo state can be the agro-industrialization frontier for the southwest region of Nigeria.

In an interview with IBPulse, the Director General of the commission, Dipo Famakinwa said a lot needs to be done to make it possible for Oyo state to carry that responsibility on behalf of the region.

“The current government has done quite a bit in that area and I still think there is still a lot to be done. Government is a continuum and it is just for the government to be focused and continue to work in the areas where the people would feel the greatest impact,” he said.

He urged the next administration to focus on strategic enabling infrastructure for commerce and industrial growth.

“A lot has been done in those areas I must admit. I know the governor himself understands that once that is done, the people can find a space to express their creative enterprises in the areas where they are strong,” he told IBPulse.

He also said attention should be given to education.

“I would also say that a lot of focus should be given to education because we need the human capital that will move us to the next level,” Famakinwa said.


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