Oyo state government only borrowed N4 billion – Ajimobi


Oyo state government only borrowed N4 billion – Ajimobi

Against  claims that Oyo state government is neck deep in debt, the governor of the state, Abiola Ajimobi, has revealed the state is only owing N4 billion and has an impressive debt profile when compared with other states.

This is the point where the governor decided to brag.

“You know I am a corporate man. I have lived in the corporate world for over thirty years. I specialized in cost effectiveness in ensuring the efficient and effective utilization of resources and I think that came to bear in Oyo state. I did not engage in frivolity. I had my own blueprint and directly did balancing. You know this life is all about balancing, and prudent management of resources is very essential to any government that wants to succeed,” Ajimobi said.

According to him, it is very essential to every government that truly wants to fulfill its campaign promises to the people to be prudent manager of resources.

“If you look at the debt profile, you will see that Oyo state has done very well. In fact, while others are taking billions and billions, we just took 4 Billion Naira, and we are yet to receive everything, and we have been able to build roads, infrastructures. We pay about 5.2 Billion Naira a month while our IGR and others is barely 3 Billion Naira,” Ajimobi said.


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