Oyo state government's official website down since two weeks


oyo state official websiteOn Friday, I tried to get some information on the state government’s official website to be used for another exclusive report on IBPulse.com. However, I saw a notice informing visitors that the site is down for maintenance.

Being familiar with the word ‘maintenance’ in the tech world, and knowing the importance of the state government’s official website, I thought the site would be live as soon as few minutes but at the time of drafting this story (Monday, 9am), the site is still unavailable.

The notice however urged allowed visitors to read Oyo state news. But when you click the link, you would notice the news platform was last updated on August 11th – that’s about 14 days ago.

Maybe that was when the site went offline and maintenance work began.

In this new age of online media, this action is summarily ridiculous. Individuals from across the world would first visit a state government’s website for information before getting to the state. But if a state government’s website is unavailable for days and weeks, then it suggests the state may not be serious or committed about moving forward.

I run 4 websites and I can’t imagine one of them being offline for 30 minutes. Let’s just hope the state government approves funds on time for the maintenance project. By the way, a goof web developer would not pull down a website for days just to carry out maintenance works. Those could be done offline and implemented when complemented.

That way, the switch would be instantaneous and very few people would notice something was done in the first place.

Have you ever heard the WhiteHouse’s website is down? Never. Yet they also carry out maintenance works on the website.

This is what technology-friendliness is all about.



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