Oyo state govt's abandoned Ibadan Iwo road – Ojoo beautification project


Last time I went to the University of Ibadan, I went from Iwo road and alighted at Agbowo which meant to ply the Iwo road- Ojoo road. The last time I was on that route, the state government was undertaking a beautification project and a billboard was erected at the Iwo road end that showed what the major highway would look like when completed.

During that time, the middle of the road was cleared, grasses were planted, and black-red-and-white-painted metal barricades and barb wires were installed to prevent people and animals from walking and feasting on the lawn.

But the situation is no longer the same as the workers handling are no longer there, and the lawn is now a bush  posing security threats.

The barricades are getting knocked down one after another, the barb wires are getting detached, even the interlocking tiles are falling off and the whole project could largely be described as abandoned.

No one could categorically say what happened – did the government decide to abandon it for the federal government to complete, did it fail to pay contractor handling the project, or did the contractor abandoned it unexpectedly?

If you know the answers, kindly let me know.

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  1. The beautification project is not abandoned project. The halt in the project is as a result of ongoing reconstruction lagos-Ibadan expressway which I think is going to extend there

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