Oyo state is now becoming a preferred destination for investors – Gov Ajimobi


Oyo state governor, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi has said the state is fast becoming a preferred destination for investors. In a chat with newsmen in Ibadan, the governor said his governor has also done a lot in the areas of security and infrastructural development.

Ajimobi said: “We believe we must reposition it to be a preferred state among the Nigerian states. To this, safety becomes necessary. There is nowhere in the world where development can take place without safety, without security and peace. It is a foundation and fundamental to development. At the pyramid, we established security. After that, we deployed our energy into revamping the social infrastructure, health, education, electricity, water, and other basic requirements of the modern society. We pay so much attention to physical infrastructure: construction of roads, renovation of schools and building of institutions. So far, we have done commendably well. In terms of security, we can have first class.

“Oyo State is now becoming a preferred destination for investors. Still on social infrastructure, we provide water for our people. For the past 17 years, there are some taps that are not running. We didn’t have water in many places. Recently in the last three months, all the taps that used to have water before now have water running in them. Now we have started confronting the challenge of pipe burst because most of them are rusted and we are changing those rusted pipes.

“We are also extending our pipes to the new areas. In terms of water, we have done well. Electricity is still being managed by the Federal Government but we are trying to have arrangement with power generation companies to ensure that we have stable electricity in Ibadan. Under social infrastructure, we have made appreciable progress. We have introduced free medical services, we are refurbishing hospitals, we are establishing mobile clinics all over the state, and we are providing health services in some of the remote areas.

“In the physical infrastructure, we are modernising the roads; we are making sure that our roads can stand the test of time. Any roads that we build, we ensure that vehicles can use it at least for the next 25 years without failing. We constructed the first civilian bridge in Oyo State, the Mokola flyover. Virtually, all major entries into major cities are being dualised.

“We have restored our pride. Oyo state is becoming cleaner. We have brought in professionalism, integrity and make sure that people are proud of what they are doing. We have restored and transformed. Now, we are beginning to have what we used to have. First instance, in Ibadan now, we are seeing malls, big shopping centres, we are building a leisure centre at Agodi Garden where we are going to have recreation facilities, and botanical garden. We will have a place where you can do massage etc, and we will have chalets.”


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