Oyo state secures World Bank support on waste management


Oyo state secures World Bank support on waste management

The World Bank Urban Development and Resilience Specialist, Salim Rouhana, said the bank would provide necessary support for the government of Oyo State in the area of waste management and recycling.

Rouhana, who represented the bank at the investors roundtable held at the Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Ibadan, said the bank would provide technical support and bring in relevant firms to drive the project.

He said, “The World Bank is bringing in technical know-how into the project through the mobilisation of firms.

“The bank is ready to bring experts to help the government and build capacity to be able to structure private sector participation in solid waste management. With the diagnostic that we have done, we hope that the agenda will be a success.”

According to the partnership with the world apex financial institution, private sector will be involved in the generation of the waste, transportation, disposal and regeneration to earn huge income.

The General Manager, Oyo State Waste Management Authority, Mr. Joseph Alagbe, who represented the state government at the forum, praised the World Bank for the support, explaining also that the project would involve relevant waste management agencies from foreign countries, local contractors and other investors.

Alagbe said the project had the target of providing employment, generating electricity, producing biogas, compost fertiliser and other by-products from the waste generated with the help of the bank and private investors.

He said, “This is a technical assistance from the World Bank. It’s about the issue of solid waste, urban and integrated solutions, from the generation chain of collection, transportation and disposal. At the end, conversion and reuse of the waste will happen.

“The private sector will be used to drive the project, while the state government will regulate it. We have gathered the critical stakeholders in solid waste management to interact and provide the best approach to tackle the menace in Ibadan especially. This will ensure aesthetic enhancement, beautiful environment and improved revenue base for the state government.

“We are now looking at the conversion and use of the waste as compost fertiliser, biogas, electricity generation, plastic and metal recovery as well as the cottage industry that will spring up around them. We are collaborating with other countries, some Nigerian investors with the aim of having a holistic template that will be all embracing,” Alagbe said.

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