Oyo state will soon elect a capable performer – Remi Idowu


Remi Idowu, a graduate of the London School of Economics has predicted that Oyo state will soon elect a capable performer who has a twenty-first century performance mindset. 

In an exclusive chat with IBPulse.com, he said the individual will not only enjoy the support of the citizens but would also be person to break the second term jinx in the state.

“I am of the opinion based on strong conviction that in the not too far future, Oyo state will elect a capable performer with a 21st century performance related mind-set who will not only enjoy a broad based support and trust of his or her people but will advance further to win a second term,” Idowu told IBPulse.com.

 He said the time is not far from now.

He said: “That moment is fast approaching. I am persuaded it will happen in my life time. This is the time to start searching for that person(s).”
He added that the person is not among the present set of politicians in the state.

“No one among the present crop of politicians in the state, I’m sorry,” he said.

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