Oyo teachers and civil servants unhappy with Ajimobi's victory


As indications are emerging that Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo state is cruising to victory in the 2015 Governorship Elections in Oyo state, a cross section of school teachers and civil servants in Oyo state that spoke to IBPulse.com on Sunday said they are not happy with the results announced so far.

The civil servants who said they openly supported the candidate of Accord Party, Rasheed Ladoja, in the elections revealed they expected their candidate to win.

For those that don’t know much about the political affiliation of civil servants in Oyo state, the workers, especially secondary school teachers in the state are loyalists (and supporters) of former Governor Rasheed Ladoja.

For several months, there have been inconsistencies in the way salaries are paid in Oyo state. While primary school teachers are regularly paid, the rest have to wait for months to get paid. This development made many civil servants to believe the governor is using state money for personal and/or political purposes.

A good number of civil servants publicly campaigned for Ladoja and were sure the later would win. But with Ajimobi emerging the clear leader so far, the civil servants are afraid the governor may decide to punish them for their actions.

“Only God can save us now from him,” one of the told IBPulse anonymously.

A member of the governor’s campaign team confirmed the governor was aware of the actions of the teachers and civil servants. The person told IBPulse the workers did not act right.

“When the government did not get any money from Abuja, do they expect them to turn his feaces into money? The fluctuation in salary payment only started few months ago. Yet the civil servants acted that way. It is not fair,” IBPulse was told.


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