#OyoNextBigIdeas: Youths chart course for Ajimobi's second term


Several days ago at Agodi Gardens, I moderated an interactive session organised by the Think Oyo Initiative (read my interview with the coordinator of the initiative here) to give citizens of the state, especially youths, an opportunity to advise the governor, Abiola Ajimobi, who recently got a second term in office on what to focus on.


One thing I found out at the interactive session is the fact that I’m not the only one who is not satisfied with the spate of violation of environmental laws in the state. We argued extensively on how people are dumping refuse in the middle of the road, creating an unattractive aesthetic value in the city.

Someone asked the government to be more affirmative and transparent in proposing and enforcing its environmental laws and policies. An interesting pronouncement was that the state government cannot continue to foot the bills of picking up refuse. I look forward to when people will be asked to start paying in the core areas of the city.


The numerous stories people shared on the issue of health were sadly appalling. Many people have died (and continue to die) in Oyo state due to shortcomings at the primary healthcare level and this is why the government is being enjoined to focus majorly on improving primary healthcare system.

It is because the primary healthcare centers are underperforming that the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan which I’ve covered extensively on IBPulse.com is providing more of primary healthcare services than it is supposed to be.


The governor was advised to aggressively pursue a complete overhaul of the education system especially the primary and secondary schools. They need furniture, furnishing, qualified teachers, classrooms, policies and discipline. I called the attention of the governor’s rep to the awful performance of Oyo state students in WAEC exams. Last year for instance, the state recorded the worst result in the southwest region with only 19% had 5 credits and above including English and Mathematics. Oyo state came 24th out of 36 states and FCT.

I asked whether the state can continue to sustain free education. Last year, WAEC delayed the results of candidates from Oyo state because the government did not pay the examination fees on time.

We also spoke on security, business, jobs, shop owners in the state, Agbowo Shopping Complex, and several other topics. I wanted to also advise the governor to organise mass weddings for singles in the state but it was getting dark so we couldn’t discuss that topic.

The event was also attended by Dipo Famakinwa, Director General of DAWN Commission. He enjoined the organizers to come up with a very concise and precise straightforward document to marshal the points raised and to tell the governor how to go about achieving what we asked him to do.

We ate, drank and took pictures. Check some of them out below.

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  1. Bravo!!! The youth are a great pool of resources that the amiable governor should leverage… We look forward to this sessions coming more often and then the innovated insight actually gets implemented.

    Great work sir.

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