OYSAA removing political posters across Ibadan [PICTURES]


Over the weekend, I saw something that looked quite interesting. The best way to describe it is to use the analogy of a man trying to fill a basket with water. Or how do you explain what officers of the Oyo State Advertising Agency (OYSAA) are doing across Ibadan?

At Mokola Bridge, I saw them trying to remove posters pasted by political parties on various parts of the bridge. Even the Okada riders that saw them couldn’t help but laugh at the futile effort.

Many of them, I guess, will be describing men of OYSAA as jobless. But I think they are not.

They however failed to put the political parties in check and were unable to prevent them from indiscriminately pasting posters everywhere. But if you consider the fact that Governor Abiola Ajimobi probably pasted more posters than anyone in the battle for Agodi Government House, you would agree with me that OYSAA officials were helpless.

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