Pacesetters Awards to celebrate those contributing to the development of Oyo state


Organizers of the Pacesetters Awards have said the aim of the awards is to celebrate people whose investments, presence and interests have helped in developing Oyo State.

In an exclusive interview with, Ademola Ajibola, CEO of MoreKlue Group, organisers of the award said winners are selected from indigenes, residents and investors. He said they were selected based on their achievements and visibility.

“None of the 18 winners have fallen behind expectations. We selected them all on their works and how much impact they have made on people,” Ajibola said.

“We are creating an event that will beat our many expectations. I can tell you this as a matter of fact that PACESETTERS AWARDS will have the biggest red carpet ever in the history of events in Oyo State and it’s going to be customized. We are putting up an event whose memories will keep living in people’s head till we come back in 2015,” he told

The event would be holding on Independence Day (October 1) at the 2000-capacity Felicia Hall, Jogor Center Ring Road Ibadan.

“The hall can sit over 2000 people so I hope God gives us a packed hall. We won’t mind having 5000 people around though,” he said.

He added the event would be unique and would have several amazing features.

“We are all about showcasing the pace-setting trend of we Oyo state people so we are not segregating anyone.”

He also revealed that people attending the event would receive various gifts including phones and several  souvenirs and memorabilia.

“We have some brand partners who will be giving out freebies ranging from Phones to Gadgets to Free drinks, Tops, souvenirs and all and it’s also an avenue for people to meet people who can add more to their lives. It’s also a recreational platform for us to relax, have fun and have a great holiday. For every range of ticket bought, there is a take away of over 20% for the buyer,” he said.

In February, organisers staged MAYA Awards (MoreKlue All Youths Award) which he said was well attended.

He told IBPulse: “We just did the normal online hype and all and we had a packed hall. All tables were taken and people were standing on the walkway. 2 of my personal friends got to the venue minutes after 7pm and they met an empty hall because we had no behind schedule thing. No African time syndrome so this time, we are moving ahead and hoping for a better attempt.” is a media partner for this event. This means you will be getting more information as it approaches.


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