Parents' Corner: Child Safety Locks


When do you know it is time to turn off the child safety locks on the back doors of your car? Have you reached that stage with your kids yet or are you already involved in a small battle of the wills because of this topic? Knowing exactly when it is 100% safe and OK for you small ones to leave the car on their own can be quite confusing. After all, we are talking about granting them some freedom and more responsibility; so it's a decision that will require a lot of pondering.

Set Clear Rules For Riding The Car

Teach your kids they need to ride in the backseats until they are old enough to ride with you in the front. Teach them to wear their seatbelt at all times, and make a special rule of not starting the engine until everyone is buckled up no matter how much opposition you might encounter. And when it comes to child safety locks on the car, know that:

  • they are available on most vehicles that have 4 doors;

  • they are used as an additional security measure for young children, so they are prevented from opening the door in traffic while you or another adult are driving the car;

  • they are also excellent for keeping your kids safe in case of other types of harmful situations such as having your car hijacked while stopped at the red sign;

  • some children will adapt faster/later than others to the official unlocking of these safety locks, so you as a parent need to be prepared for all possible scenarios; you will need to have a talk with your children and observe their behavior in general so you can ponder if they are ready or not.

  • to be on the safe side, get in touch with an automotive locksmith and verify the state of these locks, as well as the rest of the locks on your car, trunk included. An authorized 247 Las Vegas Locksmith that handles residential, commercial, and automotive service nonstop all year round has the capacity of evaluating locks on all makes and models of vehicles. They can rekey locks or reprogram transponder keys, fix jammed ignitions, install steering wheel lock mechanisms and special car alarm systems or anything else car security-related. They also do repair and maintenance work and they do it at affordable flat rates you can check on their special Price page or by calling (702) 789-6174 and getting in touch with them.

  • They handle rekeying services for keys that are completely broken or severely damaged to such a degree they can no longer be used properly. They can make these new keys on the spot and they promise not to charge you an arm and a leg. They also deal with key programing and re-programming for late models of cars that usually work with high-tech car lock systems. The electronic chip found inside these keys require specific training, so it is never a good idea to try to do it yourself.

  • If your kids have somehow damaged or car keys, these insured and bonded locksmiths in the Las Vegas area can easily repair them.

Returning to your child safety lock issue, if you notice your son or daughter are a little too eager to open the car doors on their own and jump out of the car, your kids are probably not ready yet. If your kids can however buckle and unbuckle themselves from their car or booster seats, and they seem to understand matters of safety and traffic, it might be time to do it.



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