Personal Safety Tips In Nigeria


If you live somewhere overseas and you wish to learn a few tips on how to maintain your personal safety at all times, inside your home, when traveling, or in the street, these next few guidelines on safety in Nigeria should help you out.

Having The Wrong Attitude

There are plenty of people who choose to think something bad would never happen to them, or that all that is in the movies; and there are also a few who think if that something bad is going to happen to them, they cannot truly do anything to stop it, so they choose not to live a life in fear. This attitude of complacency is not at all a healthy one. And while it is true no one should be forced to live in fear, it does not mean that special safety measures should not be respected either to ensure a higher degree of security and protection at all times.

Home Safety Tips

Assuming you have recently moved in Nigeria or you have been living here for a while and you wish to know how to turn your dwelling into a safer one, follow these tips:

  • install sturdy, high quality locks on all of your doors, including service doors, garages, gates, and even windows.

  • It is best to use deadbolts on your frond and back doors, as well as on your patio, sliding glass doors, or garage doors. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, make sure you install a safety fence around it to prevent accidents and unrestricted access and install sturdy locks on it as well. If you are used to your local Phoenix AZ locksmith for fixing broken locks or installing new ones whenever you needed such a residential job done hassle-free, you can do a quick search in Ibadan and look for a local locksmith in your area who can provide you with similar services. They can handle lock rekey, new lock installation, lock repair, including garage and safe door lock repair, window lock installation and even surveillance camera systems.

  • You can take a look at the kick technicians who are also offering 24/7 emergency service in case you get locked out ore you need help to quickly getting back inside your home as you have lost or misplaced your key.

  • Never leave your home doors hidden beneath a flower pot or some other hiding place you think might be suitable. Always leave a spare key with a person you can put your trust in, such as a close neighbor or a work colleague.

  • Always lock all of your louvered windows and install locks on your fuse boxes as well.

Set Up A Safehaven Inside Your Home

Use a room inside the house and install two-way communications systems or a land telephone line inside of it; hide an emergency kit in it, and place a functioning fire extinguisher, batteries, food to last for a few days, as well as candles in case there is a power outage, water, a radio and bedding.


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