[PICTURES] Flood at Iwo Road roundabout in Ibadan


FloodIwo Road is one of the areas in Ibadan that the incumbent administration in Oyo state would refer to among parts of the city it has transformed.

To some extent this is true. But anytime it rains, Iwo Road becomes an eyesore, a environmental disaster with poor aesthetic values that portray the state government in a bad manner.

flood at Iwo Road IbadanWe are in the raining season which means you would need to wear rain booths to walk in the area. When I was in the area on Thursday, I had to wear my suit to prevent messing up my white shirt as vehicles were just splashing water everywhere.

This is a major spot that welcomes people to the city and I don’t think it ought to be left in bad state especially when the government is bragging so much about it on TV and radio.

The traffic on the road is very bad anytime it rains. Since the road cannot be expanded for now, the best that could be done is to remove all impediments and ensure free flow of traffic and prevent flooding.


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