Pictures of UCH Ebola Isolation Center in Ibadan


UCH IbadanBasically, if you contract Ebola virus disease, this is where you will be quarantined, treated and/or managed in Ibadan. It is the Oyo state Ebola Isolation Center located at the nation’s premier teaching hospital, the University College Hospital in Ibadan, southwest Nigeria.

The hospital management should be commended for swiftly swinging into action when it was announced the highly fatal viral disease had found its way to Nigeria via Liberia.

In the beginning, the hospital set up a tent shed in preparedness of possible occurrence in Ibadan. But since there had not been any reported case so far, it decided to build a more permanent structure for the purpose.

Two buildings are being planned for the isolation center. Already, one of them is ready and well painted while the other has reached advanced stage of completion.

The location of the facility is also very impressive since it is nowhere near where other patients are kept and only authorised personnel would have access to the isolation center.

Ebola remains a dilemma for West African countries and has officers in Lagos and Port Harcourt are striving to put the situation under control, there is the need for other states to step up their level of preparedness and create facilities such as UCH’s that would ensure patients get the best treatment and they don’t pose any threat to the rest of the community.

My only concern  is the facility’s proximity to the gate that leads to the emergency unit. But I know there would adequate security to ensure people don’t escape as some are doing in Lagos and Liberia.

Even though the place looks well planned, may it not be put to use, and may none of us have any cause to be taken there – except you are the contractor handling the project. In that case, send my share of the money.

Find below pictures of the facility.

the isolation center itself is isolated

You can only Run Run Run


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