Prostitutes invade Ibadan Heritage Mall

Our camera captured a ‘transaction’ involving one of the call girls and a young man at the mall

Heritage Mall at the heart of Dugbe Business District is recording increasing influx of call girls. According to visitors who spoke to IBPulse at the mall, the ladies are shifting their bases from Agbowo, Challenge, Iwo Road and other popular spots to the most popular recreation center in Ibadan.

“The girls are now everywhere. It is not difficult to identify the girls because they are always skimpily dressed,” Segun said. 
He added: “The mall is the perfect spot for them since many guys that are here are fun seekers.”
The heavy presence of foreigners is another reason why the Heritage Mall is attracting the girls to its various halls.
Mrs. Daramola a mother of two teenagers decried the negative impacts that the presence of the girls could have on underage children who are at the mall for relaxation.
“What the ladies are wearing are ridiculous. As a female, I am deeply ashamed. Seeing them frequently could corrupt my children and I hope the management of the Heritage Mall would look into it and make the place safer for our children,” she said.
Not everyone is unhappy with the sight of the skimpily clad ladies. A cross section of young men who spoke to our reporter didn’t see anything wrong with the ladies.
“You can’t unequivocally say that the ladies are prostitutes because they are skimpily dressed. Don’t forget visitors here are of various backgrounds. Some of those girls may not be born in Nigeria and are just here for a while,” Kunle told IBPulse.
Dayo added it is a free world and “no one should force anybody to wear anything.”
“This is a recreation center and shopping mall. I’ve never heard in any part of the world that dress codes are given for individuals who visit malls. This is a mall and not a church,” Dayo said.
Our correspondent witnessed some erotic discussions involving some of the ladies with their prospective customers. The discussions were encouraged by the numerous dimly lit corners in the mall especially around the cinema section.
A mall official who pleaded anonymity said the influx of the prostitutes is getting worrisome.
“I’m a religious person but the kinds of things that I see here everyday are unbelievable. Their short skirts can make you think of unclean things. 
“Anytime I work around the place they are, I pray in my mind that the management would do something urgent about it. This is a very great place but these girls can give us bad name if we don’t handle the situation well,” he told IBPulse.

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