Q&A: The future is bright for GberaTinrin Studios- Akeeb Lawal


IBPulse.com spoke to Akeeb Lawal of GberaTinrin Studios. He spoke extensively on what is going on at the Ibadan music label, its various artistes and the music industry in the ancient city. He also spoke on what the label has done in recent times and made some big announcements.

Tell us about your studio and the artists on your label
Studio is a private studio at home. Kranik and Mini are both in the university. You can reach Tundey via @tundey123. GberaTinrin Studios (GTS) is a recording studio and record label. Our primary goal is to make good music available in the industry.
When did you start the studio?
GTS was founded July 2011.
Who was the first musician that used the studio?
First 6 months was more like an open studio. We were working on a project called VirusDaMixtape and we had loads of artist involved – mainstream and underground. Phizzle and Kentroworld were the most popular then. It was during this project our 4 artists were discovered.
How was the response to the mixtape?
5000 hits in the first 24 hrs of release, massive for a first release.
What genres of music were on the mixtape?
Hip-hop, Afrobeats and R&B. 19 tracks and 9 artists. 
What’s the download link?
It’s been pulled back but some of the songs and other songs from the label can be found here
So, after the mixtape what has the label done?
Released a 10 track EP for one of our Artists; Kilt Kranik in November 2012. Released and Ibadan anthem “The New Ib City” starring Kilt Kranik, Phizzle, Tuwyze, Dremo and Ichaba. We also released a single titled Na E by Tundey. But backstage, we are recording more songs for our catalogue.
Which of song is currently enjoying rotation on air?
Wagwan – Kilt Kranik and Na e – Tundey.
What of collaborations?
The New Ib city starring Phizzle Kilt kranik, tuwyze, dremo and ichaba. Kilt kranik featured Mini Yong and Phizzle on Forever.
How is the label doing commercially?
Still pushing. Just released a song for Kilt Kranik titled Komeback King on the 27th October. New video coming out Nov 17. The radio stations in Ibadan are all showing love. The Future is bright. 
Komeback king sounds like he was away. What happened to him?
Kilt kranik was 15 when he was signed and was in SS2. He released Prince of the Throne when he was in SS3. So he took time off to do his WAEC.
What’s the plan for the remaining part of the year?
We plan to release a video and some more singles. We will also like to shoot at least one more video so it can be released early next year. Then we continue to record more songs for our catalogue.
What’s your view about the music scene in Ibadan?
The music scene in Ibadan is promising. There is a lot of talent in Ibadan. However, the support from Ibadan stations and stakeholders can be a lot better. There is no major support for local content. 
Radio interviews, shows and airplay seem reserved for mainstream acts that are already successful. It’s hard to say this is who is repping Ibadan artist-wise. Even when local artists get a taste of success, the nest step tends to be to go to Lagos. So as promising as the scene is, we still don’t have a fully supported act by all.
What could be done to improve it?
Improving the scene is up to the stakeholders. Young and aspiring artists need to be mentored right. They also need to be given a fair chance to blow. I believe when our OAP’ DJ’s and other stake holders start taking interest in our local acts; then we still have a long way to go. The state government also has a role to play. A lot of encouragement is needed.

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