Recruiter expresses dissatisfaction with Ibadan applicants


Can a decent Ibadan job applicant take this job and stop the shaming?

I’ve been closely following the story of a startup founder that is trying to recruit a young applicant in Ibadan all to no avail.

On Sunday morning, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze who runs AccountingHub.NG revealed that they’ve interviewed many applicants for the position of a young person who lives in Ibadan and can work for a small hatchery business as a bookkeeper.

According to her, after 5 days and 17 telephone interviews conducted, they still cannot get a right person.

She said: “Either cannot answer basic questions, do not speak good English or answer “ya” instead of “yes” to every question. Shocking for me is that 11 out of 17, say “Ya”

She said vacancy is still open,  and they will recruit the ones who have some decency not to say “ya” at interviews.

Personally, I think the development is as a result of the considerably low pay which is not attractive enough to the well trained jobseekers in Ibadan. Yet again, I agree with her that they aren’t asking for much. You don’t need advanced education to answer questions properly.

My people, abeg don’t fall my hand. Do the interview and let them know that there are employable youths in Ibadan.

Please send an email to for a telephone interview. 
It is a role for a corper or an intern.  Salary is 20k monthly. Basic excel skills,  decent English without “Ya” is required. 


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