Sabaka Night held in Ibadan for the first time

Rasidi Ayinde Merenge and several other popular Fuji artistes thrilled music fans over the weekend at the Sabaka Night held at the prestigious Hilltop Tavern, Ijokodo, Ibadan.
Other musicians that performed at the event included Sulaimon Adio Atawewe who joined the Merenge Fans Club in celebrating Merenge’s 50th birthday party, his European tour welcome back  party, which took him to more than nine European countries and to celebrate his successful return from Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
On why the event was brought to Ibadan for the first time, Asimiyu Oladiti, President of the Merenge Fans Club said residents of the ancient city deserve the best of Fuji music he added that “the era of  no-fun-in-Ibadan has become a thing of the past.”

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