Serious violence erupts in Ibadan


According to reports monitored by IBPulse, serious violence has erupted at Idi Arere, Oja Oba area of Ibadan

Splash FM 105.5 Ibadan has reported that serious violence has erupted en route Idi Arere, Oja Oba area of Ibadan. While details on the violence remain largely sketchy, members of the public are enjoined to avoid the area.

Reading the comments below the FM station’s post on Facebook, I discovered that this isn’t the first violence in recent times. Just last week, according to an Ibadan resident, there was a similar violent mayhem at Apete and Ijokodo areas of the city. According to him, they were largely cult clashes.

I cannot affirmatively say what is responsible for the violent eruptions, all we say, for now, is that the peace which the governor seems to be pitching as one of his major achievements is being threatened and efforts should be made by law enforcement officers, especially Operation Burst, to rid the city of hooligans.

I heard some of the potentially violent areas are Ayeye, Oopo, Foko and environs.

Wherever you are, stay safe


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