Seven Years Gone; In Oyo, Zero Record Of Polio


Dr. Abdulazeez Adeduntan Commissioner for Health, during the debut of the 2017 National Immunization Plus Days-NIPDs at the Secretariat of Oyo West Local Government, Ojungbodu Oyo town, posited that there has been no record of polio saga in the State for the past seven years. This he said, in line with the State government’s expression of delight over her positive efforts that has succeeded in creating a historical niche for rampant child mortality rate as far as polio is concerned.
In his speech, he said that “the State Government is scaling up collaboration with Local Governments of the State to ensure that immunization services reach every child; that the Government is set to make immunization services the right of every child and not a privilege”.

Dr. Adeduntan exposed that the National Immunization Plus Days is an eke out sort of immunization campaign targeted at affirming immunity against poliomyelitis among children under the age of five and towards its total stamp out in Nigeria. Noting that children were highly gullible to infections during the early years of their childhood, he encouraged mothers to ensure that they availed their wards within the ages of 0-5 years to immunization services as the recently concluded one which ran through March 25 to 28. He cleared that the NIDPs campaign was not only centered on the extirpation of polio, it swoops on all vaccine- preventable-diseases.

The Commissioner goes on to deliver that the intervention and target age group of the campaign comprise women of childbearing age (for vaccines against tetanus toxoid and health promotion), children of 0-59 months (oral polio vaccines) and all missed routine antigens; ‘missed’ and ‘due’ (for children withing 0-11 months).

He therefore beckoned on mothers to make certain the completion of all stipulated immunization for their wards from birth, noting that compliance to this, will reinforce the State Government’s efforts.


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