Shopping for wigs and attachments in Ibadan


I’m a guy (you should know that already) but I’m also very curious to know what ladies are crazy about which is why I am always open to opportunities to learn new things about them.

Sometime ago, a female friend asked me to follow her to get some stuffs she would take to the hair salon. She wanted to know whether I know any place in Ibadan where such stuffs are being sold and I remembered I usually see ladies walk in and out of a Casabella outlet at Heritage Mall so we went.

We were given a VIP welcome, right there and then I knew something was amiss – even though I couldn’t specifically say what was wrong, I knew the price tags would not be funny. Now don’t get me wrong cos I’m a guy and I’ve not been to any barbing salon that has an outlet at the mall, has doormen, security guards, expansive air-conditioned store and stalls filled with various ranges of products.

Straightaway we checked for the various wigs and I couldn’t help but shout when I saw some that cost about NGN200,000.

Kilode was what I shouted much to the amusement of the lady I went with, and the lady on duty.

There were several others that cost more. I couldn’t help but ask why the cost is so outrageous and what difference it would make on the heads of the ladies wearing them. We also checked the prices of attachments and other funny stuffs that ladies are the only ones that will know them. None caught my attention since I only spend NGN200 on haircut every month which means I spend just NGN2,400 every year on my hair. This is not even up to 10% of what ladies that visit such high end salon stores would be spending.

When we left, I asked my friend why ladies buy wigs that are more expensive than a plot of land at some areas in Oke Ogun, and natural hairs that are costlier than Apple’s Macbook. She told me it’s for ladies that could afford them.

On our way back home, I asked her to show me any lady wearing such expensive wigs but she told me it is always difficult for an inexperienced person, especially a guy, to tell the difference.

So basically we guys cannot tell the difference, neither could some girls except when they are boasting.

She said girls love to show off that they are wearing expensive wigs as such, they are really meant for ladies who see themselves as classy and want everyone to know they use expensive stuffs. But for the rest of them, especially those that cannot afford to spend 200k on wigs, they have a wide array of available options at Ogunpa market.

I can’t really remember the name of the street but it is very close the place where you can board commercial buses going to Orita-Perin. Normally, guys are advised to wait for the ladies at the junction. But on this particular day, I told her I would also love to have an experience and possibly buy some stuffs for my First Lady.

Hi babe!

The path is quite narrow and the limited ventilation made the place so hot. But within few minutes my body got adapted and we started shopping. Compared to the state-of-the-art store that we visited earlier, things are considerably cheaper at this hot market. I ended up buying 2 packs of 20” long 160g Bounce style X-pression Collection attachment Color 33 for just 2k.

I will just wrap them very well and present to her as Christmas gift. Considering my busy nature she would appreciate it more than spending 200k on a wig she may not like.

The morale of this experience is for guys not to attempt to impress ladies by trying to take them to salons, they know where to take you to spend all the money you think you have. Even if you are very rich, there are better things to do with your money and ladies will even appreciate it more if you go out of your way to get those stuffs. They will understand even if it is not the best in the market that you bought, but because you tried shows you care and that’s what really matters to them.


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